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 Truth Against Lies

 This year, 2024, as we go into another season of Presidential Campaigning, it will be Truth against Lies; fiction against facts. So you will have to be very careful of not getting caught up in Lies, because lies are easy to believe but impossible to generate reality. What make lies so easy to believe is: lies are a big flashing neon sign that get your attention and magnify itself as fact; but have no legs to stand on or no source, but another lie, to keep it shining. A lie never stand on it's on, it need other lies to prop it up and a bigger lie to keep it shining. And it take a devil to deliver it. We are dealing with the devil right hand man in Donald Trump, and little devils in those who follow him. You know the devil can't tell the truth, he always lie, and if you listen to Donald Trump; he can't tell the truth, every word that comes out of his mouth are lies. If you ever notice his mood when he's lying; he gets so caught up that his voice changes, he become so facinated and squeamish he can hardly talk. He get a thrill out of lying, his whole mood and expression changes, and he act like elation itself. I have words I'd like to use; but you get the picture. I ask of you; please ignore lies and Donald Trump. 

  On the other hand; you have truth and facts in President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, two God Fearing people that are telling you the truth and will be good for the country. They have no unction of being a dictator, and will do what is best for us all; even the devils that is following Trump. Think about it; you will be voting for a strong America in Joe Biden; or a weak dictator in Trump.   

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Your brother is Christ; Joseph Haugabrook


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