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 The Ugly Head Of Hatred

 I can only speak for Georgia, because I've live here longer than I've live anywhere else. It's my home and I must speak out on things that are wrong and evil for us all. We have a group of Haters in the State House along with a Governor that's just as bad, or worse that just passed a Bill and signed into law, by the Governor, among other things, making it a crime to give anyone, standing in line to vote, water or food. Now think about this; we had old people, some handicapped, waiting in line to vote, and these haters, Governor included, who say he is the Governor of all Georgians, gin up and sign a bill to keep old and handicapped people from being given a drink of water, all to stay in an elected office. Remember, this law only apply to Black people, because they will give nourishment to White people, and get away with it. So, these laws are only meant for Blacks. Not that they will succeed in making these laws permanent; because we will beat back this challenge just as we have beat back challenges before. But to have them keep trying, and being openly racist with it, is mind boggling. They are in the minority and still trying to be the majority; by splitting up the races. And, if the races don't come together, they will keep trying. Take a look at the Republican Party since 1990. They have done nothing, but give tax break to the rich and try to block every good thing Democrats have done in that same period. That's why they are so bold in their actions now, they have remained in power, did nothing themselves, and tried to block good actions by Democrats. They care nothing about this Country or it's infrastructure, only themselves staying in power to do nothing. Which is why these individuals in Georgia have put forth a bill to make it harder for Blacks to vote. They don't believe there is a determination in Blacks that will make them remove any blockade thrown up against them and do what's right. They believe Blacks will fold under the pressure they apply. But, we didn't fold under Slavery, nor the many kinds of Jim Crow laws after Slavery; and we won't fold under what they are applying now. It would seem that after all these years since slavery, they would learn better, and let the country rest from hatred; but I guess ignorance don't know rest.

   Ladies and gentlemen, we have the means to put this hatred to rest, at least for a few years, because there are some that will never rest, neither in this world or the world to come. But, being in the majority, (All races of color, and Whites who believe in what's right) we can silence the noise makers by voting them out of office. They love being called a Congressman or Congresswoman. They love being called a Senator, it make them look big and feel important, and if we strip that away from them with our vote, many will change their tune. They won't like it but they won't be yelling like the crazy person they are now. So, I say to you starting now, vote in every election in your city, county, State, and national. And, vote Democratic in each one. We can put the Republicans out of their misery, stop the lying and build a country where love is the goal of every day. Of course we must make sure truth is taught in schools, beginning at the earliest level. We can't afford to have lies of White supremacy taught to our kids; nor can we afford to have false information taught about Black inferiority. Truth must be taught about Blacks, their inventions and accomplishment, as well as Whites. Kids must know the truth about this nation and the people that built it; good and bad. We have two things that will defeat any road block thrown up by haters; TRUTH and our VOTE.

 The ugly head of hatred is the devil and the only way to defeat the devil is with truth and facts. We have both; and with out vote, and love of God, we will win this battle.         



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