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If you want me to understand your culture; you should first understand mine.




The most destructive force on earth.

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 Advance Technology In Their Day



And, they got the job done

 Look closely at the make-up of modern technology of the time. The steel rim on the wooden wheel. The chunk of rubber glued to the rim on the truck. And how all parts were put together form a vehicle very useful for the time. Crops were hauled to market. Family taken on rides to town, church, and just for a ride. Tools that solved many problems of the times.

  Fast forward to modern times. Which one would you select as useful in today's society? Which one could haul your crops to market?  Which one would safely take your family to places they needed to go? Which one would be safe on our roads? Yes, they worked in their time. But today is a whole different story.

  The tool we use to solve our problems today must, as the machines did in their time, be appropriate for the times. I will refer to only one item: The educational systems educating our children. The information used to educate our children in present times are not appropriate for the times. Words like "Race" to describe human beings. "Tolerance" to solve racial problem, and information designed to cover up the ingenuity of some, and falsely display the lack of ingenuity of others. While this type information has never been appropriate, it was not challenged due to a lack of available means to discover, or find it. And, interaction with people were limited to a small area, like one or two states. However with the use of the internet and computers, information is readily available, and many students are seeing truth about history and occurrences, while being taught lies in the educational system. This hurts students needing to know truth about the people they will be interacting with worldwide. Our children are building their careers on a world wide stage, and need to know truth about all the people they will be interacting with.

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