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           What Is Donald Trump Really Saying

Send Her back. The ones chanting it and the one who stared it all knows very well he, and they, can't send anyone anyplace. It is just another reason for those, who don't have any better thing to do than hate; to chant their hate. Trump is not just talking about these four women; he's talking about every one of color. And yes, that means Mexican, Japanese, Koreans, Chinaman, and others not from a White Country. And he knows he can't do anything about it, so he sit around thinking up how he can get his racist group (those that follow him) to come against those that don't follow him. All of his buddies are dictators and he's laughed at by other nations. So, to make himself seem relevant he whip up words that can stir up hate within his group. The only way Trump can be relevant in this County is through hate. So, he's doing everything he can to stir up what he knows will keep him relevant in the eyes of those who wish they could return back to pre 1940 years.

  Since we know this, the best way to fight hate is with love. When someone says to you: Go back to where you came from. Do one of two things. Say: I am, I'm going home. Or ignore them altogether. As long as they don't put their hands on you, you will not be harmed. Words can never harm you. So, as Michelle Obama says: when they go low; you go high. Let them hate all they want; they can't take away what you have, or going to get. All they can do is hate. It is taxing on a person to hate, because they have to whip themselves into a frenzy great enough to make them feel hate for no reason, or some trumped up reason. And, it can lead to mental illness. No American have a good reason to hate another race of people. Therefore, those that do are mental cases; plain and simple. So, again, say to those that tell you to "Go back to where you came from," tell them I am, I'm going home. Or, say nothing at all.  



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