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  Just who is President Trump?

  In a very few words; he is a liar that have no compassion for anyone, not even himself, because a liar doesn't know what compassion is. When you see a man poking fun at the handicap that is as low as any human being can go. He has no respect for women, and because he is a liar he has no respect or compassion for the troops he Commands. My father use to say "a liar will get you killed." Look at what the liar is doing to those that support him. He is putting them in a position that many will get sick from the virus, and a lot of them will die. He's doing it because he doesn't have compassion for them and they don't care because they are so deep in their own ignorance they can't see what he is doing to them. One of the top Aides to this Liar said this liar made this statement; The corona virus is good; it keep me from having to shake hands with those disgusting people. That's what the Liar thinks of the people he's asking to put him back in office for four more years. Again, he's putting those people in a position to become very ill from the virus and he have no feeling for them at all. A liar is the devil himself; the father of lies, all he does is lie, because the truth hurt his cause; sound familiar. The devil can take a lie and make it so beautiful it will make truth almost believe it. But you will note one thing; a lie is never definite; it will always leave you with an if. Again; sound familiar. People, people, an angel of Satan has moved into our White House and we must get him out. We laid out the city; we built the house so we have a big stake in who occupy it. And if you are like me, you don't want a liar calling it his resident. I say to you; lets get him out. Vote early and stay safe. 



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