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 It is not enough to say "Wear a mask."

I've tried but I can't come up with a truly decent answer as to why some people refuse to wear a mask.

  1. Is it they want to commit suicide?

  2. Is it they want to make someone else sick?

  3. Or is it they just don't understand that they can be carriers, or can get the disease and suffer and die?

      There may be other reasons; but I believe some have lost all reasonable thinking and believe false, misleading information that's strewn over the internet and on television and it's making them retract to their basic instinct of violence. It's seems it's only those that have pretended for so long that they are superior in every way are the ones not wearing masks and turning to violence. They are striking out at everything and anyone that goes against their false belief. And since they know that they can't use "false pretense of superiority" against the disease, they hit back against people. They are; plain and simple; sick people. Anyone not realizing the importance of wearing a mask, and keeping social distancing is not thinking clearly. I say to everyone that is not wearing a mask or think the disease will not harm them in some way; to take a step backward and let the truth about the disease sink in. I think you will change your mind. Anyone telling you the disease is not that bad is lying to you. I and no one else can tell you how to live your life; but think of what you are doing to those who are trying to stop the disease; the Doctors, Nurses, postal workers, store workers, and all the front line workers who brave this disease to keep you in what you vitally need to survive. Think of them and then look at your actions toward them. If no body else, you should want to curb the disease for them. Because whether you know it or not, they are looking out for you; even if you are not looking out for them. I say; before you decide to go out without a mask; THINK!    



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