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  Citizens of America

What have "We the people" done to America?

       I ask, because we have turned America into a nation of Hatred; fighting, and do nothing people. How? Well, I'll tell you how. We the people elect our politicians; We the people keep them in office; We the people go along with what they say and do; and what do they say and do? the very things we say, do, teach and practice. Our politician are divided because we are satisfied with them being so. They lie, and steal, and become rich, because we agree with them doing so. They lie and sling mud during the times they are running for office, and we rant and wave flags urging them on, asking them to do more and worst. We give ourselves names like; Republicans; Democrats; then subdivide that into liberals and conservatives, then subdivide that into ultra conservatives and the list goes on. And we love and brag about that. We the People, love to form groups that demonize other groups, be it political or religion. We like to look up to some and look down on others. Pretending is worshipped like it's a God. I'm better than you, I'm prettier than you. I'm stronger and braver than you; and the list goes on. 

    Ladies and gentlemen we have built a house of lies that's bound to fall; because no lie stands forever. Ladies and gentlemen we separate ourselves; and our politicians follow suit. They are not working for the good of all, but for the good of what they see you do and support. They don't agree on what's good for America, because we are so confused, we don't know and so they just keep doing what we want them to do; stay separated, argue over nothing, and do nothing but try to make sure they get elected again, by doing what you want, and that is nothing but hate, argue and fight each other over everything that will help America. If we start looking at what's good for America, like jobs, taxes, good police departments, healthcare, good roads and bridges, clean water, clean air, healthy foods, good schools, and the many things that benefits all; our politician would start looking at the same things. And if, we the people, start demanding they work together to get it done, then we can stop the bickering and fighting and get what we want and need. We the People must set the goals and demand that they be meet. Only then will we have a united America, serving all it's citizens.  


  Thanks for stopping by; by the help of God I'll see you next week.

Your brother is Christ; Joseph Haugabrook

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