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Is America A God Fearing Nation? 

 America has always been known as a "God Fearing Nation;" but look at the facts and you decide; and, like me, be fair in your judgment. To be fair we have to go back to the beginning of America and move rapidly forward. Above all else, this Country was said to be founded on "Freedom Of Religion; or Religious Freedom." And for the most part we are able to practice whatever religion we believe in. But that has a hidden agenda because it help to foster a very evil agenda which is "Separation."  But, something has to foster the need for separation, and what we find hidden behind all the evil laws against anyone not Caucasian, is Pretence. From the beginning of America Caucasian has desired to be like the upper class of their native country. The first arrivals in America desired to be like the Kings, Queens, Lords and other upper class in England and sought every chance to be so. So, as the nation grew, they found the opportunity to separate themselves first, from the Indians, then Blacks, and certainly so when Slavery was introduced in America. Once this power to separate was achieve they began enacting laws that would make their evil deeds lawful in the eyes of Americans. Fast forward to the years of great Inventions. Blacks led the way in inventing tools, and machines, to make their work easier and faster. They led the way in crops that made lots of money. But, Caucasian that had  put themselves on top of all others living in America, couldn't let whom they had made the lowest of the human races out do them, so they stole and patented Black invention. But, in order to do that, they had to make a law that made it nearly impossible for a Black man to own a patent, and certainly not a Slave. So, they made themselves a law, which made it legal for a Caucasian to own a patent, but not a Slave. So, in the eyes of America (Caucasians) it was now legal to steal what Blacks had invented. They also made it a law not to put race on any document dealing with inventions. On every other governmental document you  deal with, race is mentioned, but not on patents documents. Fast forward to present times. The new law for theft became, anything developed while working for a company becomes that company's property. So, their laws for theft was complete to date; they could now steal, and their law made it legal.

Now, to other issues; and the greatest of these (to Caucasians) was "Voting." It started shortly after President Abraham Lincoln was killed. Shortly after the Civil War, we had Blacks in almost every level of Government; Senate, House, Governors, and other local government. But along came the KKK, to scare people away from voting polls, then guessing how many beans was in a jar, and other dumb things that Blacks were sure to miscalculate; all to keep them from voting. After voting, many evil laws of separation were enacted to keep Blacks separated from Caucasians. Fast forward to present times. We now have a new version of the KKK; they called themselves "Republicans." Lets look at Georgia's way of keeping Blacks from voting. The two major things Republicans want to do is; stop old Black voters from voting by making it a crime for anyone to even give them water while in line; and the other is; deciding who's vote will count and who's will not. What their intentions are; is if Blacks vote in large enough numbers to defeat the Republican candidate (KKK canditate) they can throw away enough votes to make their candidate win. So, when we look at the laws from the beginning of America to the present, they all have been the same, to keep Caucasian on top, blacks on the bottom. Until recently Blacks were just game to Caucasian, just like the game they hunt. Caucasian  could kill, beat, maim and worse to Blacks without fear of prosecution; they were protected by their laws. As America progressed, so did their laws to steal, separate, and keep Blacks on the bottom. The one thing they had the power to do was convince a majority to believe the lies they told and since it put the less educated in that majority group with the upper class, they were able to pull it off.

 So, lets look at the Topic; Can America call itself God Fearing, when all their laws are the evil works of Satan? America have lied, cheated, stolen, killed, maimed, and worse to every race except rich Caucasian. Yes, poor Caucasians are no better off than poor Blacks, but rich Caucasians pat them on the back and make them think they are on their level, when all the time the poor are just doing the dirty deeds of rich Caucasians. Ladies and gentle, you are the present; look at what the Republicans are doing and compare them to the KKK. Same practices, same thinking, just move in different circles. So, if I think like you, use your same practices, act like you, then I am you, just in a different body. So, I ask you; can the KKK say they are doing God's Work?



  Thanks for stopping by; by the help of God I'll see you next WEEK.

Your brother is Christ; Joseph Haugabrook