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  This Is The Last of February; Black History Month.


I've watch a few of the programs being put on celebrating "Black History Month." But I ask myself, why are we celebrating Black History during the shortest month of the year.  Why was February chosen? Did someone say; "Well since they want to celebrate it; let it be the shortest month so we don't have to listen to what they have to say about Blacks in our society. After all February had to be granted by Whites in power. But let's forget all that; my question is "Why set aside any month to Celebrate Black History?" I've studied Black in America, and the accomplishment they made for years now. And What I've uncovered is: it doesn't matter what field of endeavor we look at Black have been the leaders. When we look at Farming, which started the whole thing; Black invented the plows, planters, reapers; to name a few. When we look at the rail road; Blacks invented the train engine, rails, and all things used in the rail cars. Black invented the first trucks, the best autos; and looking at manufacturing Blacks invented the gears, that drive machines they built. Looking at Electronics Black invented the Resistor and capacitor and the power supply, which has taken us into the miniature age, and it doesn't matter how small, the circuit it has to have a resistor, capacitor and a power supply. And when the transistor was invented it was the Black man that did it. When we look at the internet; it was the Black Man that invented it. When we look at space; it was a Black woman that led the way to get to the moon and back; In the fields of medicine every first, came from Black Men and Women. In the military it was the Black men and Women that invented automatic weapons, torpedo tubes and the Atomic Bomb; and need I say more? Whatever we have, are, and will enjoy in the future Black Men and Women have, are, and will be the leader showing the way. So, I ask; why are we Celebrating just people of the Civil Rights struggle of the 1950s and beyond; didn't Civil Rights began when Slavery began. What I'm saying there is no American history with Blacks, so Black History is America History and it should be taught in Schools not celebrated in the shortest month of the year. Blacks are American History; no one can talk about American History without talking about Black History. I say, as I've done before and will do again; lets gather all you know about Black History and start flooding your Senators, Congressmen and local officials with what you uncover. It's time Black History move from the shadows to the forefront of History. It's time the World know who invented what, and we should not be afraid of what someone will say or think. If we keep it in their face, day and night, they will have to acknowledge it exist and is real.  Let's not forget that many was lynched, beaten, burned, baby cut out of pregnant women, and worst; just so we can taste the freedom we are tasting today. We are not standing on the shoulders of weak, frighten Black Men and Women; but on the shoulders of brave giants, who was not afraid of dying and suffering because although they didn't taste of Freedom they knew it was coming and didn't mine suffering and dying for it. If they were not afraid of suffering and dying so that we would taste freedom; we shouldn't be afraid to shout their names and accomplishments from the hill tops.



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