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  Together; not Separation

We have been on these shores since 1587, although the first colony didn't last long. But since that time colonies have come, stayed, multiplied, and grown into a big, beautiful, powerful nation. At the beginning there were no problems with people living together, since they were all striving to make a living in the new world. People worked together, and played together. Each looking to his neighbor for what was lacking; sometimes finding it, sometimes not. But, they worked together for the betterment of all, and all got along fine. There were hard times, and good times. Bitter colds, hot dry summers, and a few diseases, but they made it, by working together. Together, they farmed their land, with no thought of slaves. By working together, slowly they began to progress; slowly a nation began to take shape. At first they were under English rule; abiding by orders of the king. But, as time passed, they began to taste an urge for self government. They wanted to rule themselves. And, as you know, began the revolutionary war. And they won their freedom from the British.

    Now, fast forward to the twentieth century and ask yourself; "what happen to America?" What started out so good, and united, has turned bad and separated. We have been divided into four parts; the rich, the poor, middle class, and we are all divided into Black and White, with White wanting to be at the top. Black men and women have invented over 90% of the things that make America great. And White males have claimed them all. This is one of the things that went wrong. It doesn't matter what you call it; plain and simple it's thief. And now that it is slowly coming to light, we have a President that trying as hard as he can to make Blacks insignificant. To him, we don't matter. He is the cause of many of the shootings taking place in America today. No, he's not telling people to go out and shoot people; but his rhetoric says it plainly. And he's getting worse. Ladies and gentlemen, everyone that believe in America, we have to stand up and making our voices heard. And none can speak louder than the Vote. A foreign power help put Trump in the White House; but we are stronger than any foreign power. Our Vote will show that if we get out and vote to put Trump out of the White House. We can't go back to the 1500, but we can get what we want by uniting in the 2020 election.  



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Our inventions and ingenuity built America; let's reclaim what's our and unite the country.