The better I understand your culture and contributions to world betterment, the better I'll understand and appreciate you.

Our inventions and ingenuity built America; let's reclaim what's our and unite the country.




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To Take or No To Take The Covid Shot; That is The Question?

I took the shot back in January and February 2021. And I must say; I had no problem at all, except some minor tenderness at the shot site on my arm. But, of all the excuses I've heard, and I've heard many. The one that bother me most is some people are using the 30's syphilis horror done to Black men by our government as an excuse. I agree wholeheartedly with you. It was terrible, and the ones that did it has paid, for God sees all wrongs and there is a punishment for every wrong. So, scrap that reason and think about who have been working on a cure for this disease for many years. She's Black, but don't take my word for it; look it up and see for yourself. Now, with that out of the way, let's look at why you should get the shot. You see every day, that unvaccinated people are the ones filling up hospitals. You see that hospitals are being over run now, with patients coming in each day. You see that you (Blacks) are not getting the best of medical attention. You know that taking the shot, will give you more protection than no shot at all. You know the positive side of the vaccine; no one has to tell you. If you are one of Trump's followers, you know he and his family got the vaccine before he left the White House. You know Trump is the greatest liar that ever spoke a word. So, with all that you know; it's no excuse for you not to take the shot. If you are one that says; "No body tells me what to do." Well, are you going to run red lights, not get insurance on your automobile, barrel through stop signs, pass a stopped school bus; walk in a bank and take money, because you want to; and the list goes on. So you see somebody tells you what to do and you do it, without ranting and raving. So that excuse is shot to pieces. So, what is your excuse? are you a murderer, because that what you are doing to your kids and other people who have to take care of you when you get sick. Wake up man, woman; and stop pretending. You are just like the rest of us; obey the laws of the land. So, kill every idea you have about not getting vaccinated; and lets beat this thing by being vaccinated and wearing a mask. You may lie to some, but I don't believe you wanna die, you want to live just like the ones taking the shot and wearing masks. You wanna be the great pretender; well, that's what you are doing-pretender!


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