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 It's Soothing To Hear Truth

I listen to Senator Raphael Warnock, Senator from Georgia, as he talked about his mission in the senate; and I was struck by what he said he was doing and what he was not trying to do. But what really hit me was his honesty about what he was doing for Georgia, because that why he was sent to the senate by Georgians. As I listened and took note of what he was saying, everything was true. He did not brag, as if he was doing the greatest thing ever. He pointed our problems Georgians were having, (a lot of states for that matter) and what solutions he was working on to solve the problems, or what Bills had been passed to solve the problems. It was soothing to hear truth being spoken in a time when "Lies" are the order of the day. I get so tired of hearing lies from candidates running for office, I wanna yell. But, I just lower the volume and wait until it's over and go no with whatever program, I am watching. When I hear truth being spoken, as in the case of Senator Warnock, I know the person can be trusted to do what they say they will do. When you hear someone talking about what they will do without trying to slam their opponent in the same breath, you can have faith in that person. But, listening to; especially republicans, talk about how bad their opponents are and how good they are, then brag about what they have done, knowing they are lying, it's hard, at best, to even listen to them, must less believe them. Take for instant Governor Kemp, of Georgia; he's running an ad that says he was the first to open up the state from Covid; and how helpful that was. He never says how many people died from Covied as a result of him opening up the state, and not wearing masks; but he brag on his action and what his opponents didn't do, or wouldn't have done. Now, when you live in Georgia, as I do, you know what he has done; as well as the lies he telling about his record. Well, I hope all candidates would stand on their true record and stop lying. After all, these are church going people and lying thru their teeth. I wonder if they are lying about following God's Word; you can answer that.  



  Thanks for stopping by; by the help of God I'll see you next week.

Your brother is Christ; Joseph Haugabrook