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 The Big Lie

       A couple of week ago a Black man walked into a waiting room and in his rage shot and kill a White woman while wounding three others. Immediately after the call came in to law enforcement of the shooting, law enforcement every where dropped everything and started a city wide, county wide and state wide search for the shooter. The search included local police, county police, Georgia Bureau of Investigators, State police, FBI, CIA, as well as law enforcement around the state, reaching into surrounding states. And, within eight hours the shooter was in hand cuffs. Now I'm not saying this was wrong, I think law enforcement did a good job; shooters should be given every attentions possible, as was this case. But, I think every shooting should be given the same attention this one was. I have not known another shooting where so many law enforcements organizations got involved so fast and so soon; not even school shootings are given that much attention. why was this case the only one given such attention? You only have to look at the mind set of policemen for an answer. Black male, kill white female, while wounding three others. Over eighty percent of law enforcement sees one thing when they hear this; Rage! Everyone of them see "red" and are determine to stop the shooter, by any means possible. In this case they were able to track down the shooter by using cameras around the city and counties side. With so many cameras and so many law enforcement agencies they were able to track his every move, even keep the public, by using the news media, aware of his moves. So, again, looking at how Blacks are treated by these same law enforcement agencies over the years, and how they are displayed by news medias; as bad, drug dealer/users, welfare abuser, drunker, knife wielders, Gun toting, ignorant, lazy, rapiers and the list goes on; it easy to see why this case was treated the way it was. A wild, dangerous animal was on the loose, and had to be stopped. As far as reality goes, nothing was real except the shooting. All else was a big lie, the same lie that's being told about the Black Race, and it's time for the big lie to die the death or all lies. It's time truth be known. No longer can law enforcement use the lie that they are doing all they can when a shooting occur and the shooter is not apprehended for a long time, or not apprehended at all. They can catch any criminal they choose. They had the means to catch this shooter, they also have the means to catch any criminal, especially shooters. So, they can stop the lie, They have the manpower, the guns, the cameras, the support of the communities. Treat every crime as you treated this one.      



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Your brother is Christ; Joseph Haugabrook

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