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 Let's Concentrate on Self.


    If you are like me, you are tired of all the rhetoric about one man; Trump. So, lets concentrate on self; what I believe and what the records shows. The record shows that Biden is the President, elected by the people, with impressive number to show it. All the vote counters, both republican and democrats, have counted the votes, and the count has been verified by both republican and democrats; so it's over, and we can move on. Because no way could the same ticket be favorable for other republicans on it and be fraudulent for the president. So, let's put the election behind us and move on with truth and faith in the American voting system.

   I guess we have to call a spade a spade; and hope no one is offended. For all Trump supporters; you know figures don't lie. You have no proof of fraud; just words from a liar. You are acting of nothing but fantasies ginned up by a liar who want to hold on to the Presidency by any means possible. You know by his actions he doesn't have the best interest of the Country at heart; just his own ambition and the money you send him. You see him having you gather in large numbers without trying to protect yourself from a dangerous disease, many of you getting sick; and the list goes on. So, I must ask; are you so without normal thinking, or maybe so dumb, that you can't see what is right before your face? How can you dismiss what this man is doing, without question? How can you follow him so blindly that you are trying to give him dictator's powers to rule over you. Don't you know a dictator cares nothing about no one except self? This type thinking goes beyond blindness; it's just plain stupidity. Please forgive me but I must call a spade a spade; and you have gone beyond reasoning to some level that's reaches stupidity. I beg of you to stop, look at what this man is doing to the country you love. Division is not the way to stay great. If nothing else; the civil war should have taught you that. A divided country cannot stand strong; strength is derived from the strength of every citizen. As the saying goes; "we will live together as brothers or perish as fools." Are you willing to perish for this man? unless you change it certainly seem so.      



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