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An In-depth Look At Hate And Hate Groups

There are two things to consider when looking at hate: hate itself and love; the opposite of hate

  Hate is as much a part of us all as love. Hate is what keep each of us doing the right thing and abhorring wrong. And, not trying to mix the two. It can be compared to driving on a road with double yellow lines the entire trip. You know that if you cross the lines, no mater the reason, you have moved from driving right, or lawful, to driving wrong; unlawful.

    Hate means you have moved into that which is not good for anyone; not even self. But, the truth is; hate in itself is not bad. Example: you hate drugs, drunkenness, murder, stealing, lying, cussing, rape, robbing, lying, deceiving, and the list goes on. You don't participate in these things because you hate them, and therefore shun, or don't do them. Without hate for these things, you would do them just as you do the things you love. Society has developed words that attempt to gradually soften hate to make it more palatable or intense when used wrongly. Example: like, or,  dislike. But, we can take our example from the Bible. God uses the words; love and hate. He doesn't put in words suggesting there's a middle ground. God hate sin; in all forms; and He says it plainly. He never said I dislike sin; it's hate sin. God Love righteousness, obedient; doing what He tells us to do. God never said I like my children; but, love them. So, the Bible shows us plainly that we don't do, participate, or be aligned with the things we hate; make hate work good in a righteous life.

   What make hate bad? Hate becomes bad when it is directed at a noun; person, place, or thing. Especially thing with life, and breathe, whether by air or water. Example; you can hate a person's habits (drinking, womanizing, raping, stealing, kicking or harming innocent animals; destroying good plants, and the list goes on) but love the person, and, try to make them see what they are doing is harming, maybe many people.
Bottom line; hate is only bad if we turn it against a person, place, or thing, to abase, abuse, degrade, or in some way harm the noun, whether mentally, or physically. Which is the exact opposite of love. Love is living according to what is right and good for all in life, and again, our example comes from Jesus; the way He demonstrated His love for us.

Hate Groups.

   Hate groups are those in society that moves across the double yellow lines, stay there the entire trip (all their lives), or until something force them back in the right lanes. "After studying these groups for many years; two interesting things stood out. One: they always associate themselves into a clan, or group. Second: the vast majority of the group will always be comprised of the poorest, less educated members of society; which are easily led by politicians with a personal agenda to accomplish and need loud separatist rhetoric to accomplish it. And the rhetoric will always be appealing to the false egos of the group; good example; Trump. The inside of these groups are mean and dirty. Although this applies to ninety plus percent of the group; it may not apply to every member because there are exceptions to any rule. Some, escape the things that define the group; and become governors, or higher elected officials, as seen in politics of late; like the White House, and some running for Offices in the 2018 election. But, these are by far in the minority. The life of the majority is a clear picture in depravity; with living conditions, financial worth, educational levels, a determination to hold on to a false belief of superiority, based solely on color; living in trailers, many run down, ragged, low paying jobs, no respect in society, except among their group, exiled by the very ones using them (mainly politicians for votes). With the best tangible thing they have to look forward to is a flag that was defeated nearly two hundred years ago, and require total ignorance to pretend it has some kind of importance, and guns to make themselves believe the constitution's second amendment,  made them (the groups) relevant, which also requires ignorance; it plain to see, their frustration lies in the reality that what they live and breathe each day, does not, and will never fit in modern society. They have become mentally ill, trying to find words that will make them stand head high in a society they can never aspire to; and holding on to something that will, and can not ever be again. This is frustration to anyone; but more so to the mentally ill as these groups are.   

   Bottom line; these are mentally sick individuals trying to cope in a world they cannot fit their hatred into. Again, because their hate is aimed at targets that doesn't exist. It's like aiming at a shadow of a bush, thinking you have your game in your sight. 

    Just remember, hate aimed at nouns are always bad, evil, and wicked. Hate, aimed at things contrary to the Word of God is always good; because it's in agreement with the Commandments of God. No person is bad; only the deeds formulated in the heart and made reality by actions of the body.  


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      Who am I? Where did I come from? What were the people like during the times? What were their struggles and successes? What did they build; tear down, or change? What did they do to shape the future? What am I doing to perpetuate, or change a legacy that may be defining who I am?

Mark Powers asked the same questions; went digging; the answers changed his life



   Shela, by age fourteen, had lost her loving father. Her mother, who couldn't cope with losing her husband died of a drug overdose. Finding herself on the streets, homeless, scared, and confused, she turned to drinking and drugs. To eat and feed her habit, she turned to crime. She gave birth before age eighteen. Feeling she could no longer cope, she tried to end it all. But, Karl Ward, a young man that helped the poor, met her by chance, and showed her the way out.


The birth certificate said mother. But that's where any resemblance of a mother ended.

  James had finally pulled Alice from years of mental suffering, and failures in life; stemming from learning she was abandoned like an unwanted pet while still a baby. Then, by accident, Alice met her maternal mother, who, through greed and deception, nearly destroyed the empire, and, family Alice and James had built.



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   William Boles was taught that; what's done in the dark would come to light. Little did he know; his infidelity would become a spotlight on his son; taking him to the brink of incest.

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