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Come Let's Reason Together

Below is a Tee Shirt that says: Come Let's Reason Together.

 For a moment; stop and think about what it is asking everyone. We often use the words; "it can't happen; there is no way everyone can come together as different as we are." Wrong, wrong, wrong! Jesus told us to love one another; do you think that is impossible too? Do you really believe Jesus gave us a job that can't be completed; by us, in our time? If you do; you are Wrong, wrong, wrong! There is one thing we must do; and it is so easy: We must do as Jesus say do; love one another. Once love set in, we will not do anything that will cause harm to anyone. We will do our best to make sure others are happy, content and safe. If the other person does the same, and the next person does the same, it will keep spreading until it reaches every person on earth. But, every person must be receptive to loving everyone else.

   We can sit down as sisters and brothers and make the world a good place to live. Think about it this way; this is the only world we will ever live in; in the flesh; so, doesn't it make sense to make it as happy as possible for every one. You already know: love begets love. Hate begets hate. Neither is found in the other. Love is not found in hate; and hate is not found in love. Hate is a destructive force that begin with the individual hating. Then it drives them to attempt (sometimes succeeding) to destroy others. Hate corrupts the mind to a point or acting on it dictates; and nothing good is formulated in a mind filled with hate. Hate is always a one way dark street where no light can be seen, and the person walking that road can only formulate evil thought, because that's all they see.

    So, why walk down a dark road when there is one well lit, with the beauty of the world and it people. One that will bring joy and peace to every individual. All you have to do is make up your mind that you are human just like every other person you see. And, that we all need the same thing to live; air, water, food; and are therefore the same. Remember; things doesn't make the person; the person make things.   


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