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 Violence Is Taking Over Our Country

         Violence is everywhere, in our homes, the communities, work places, schools, churches, recreation places, restaurants, and every place we go alone or congregate. Now, I know I'm not telling you anything new; but I have an opinion, as I'm sure you do. But, let me give you my side of the story.

        I have to start by asking; can this problem be solved? And the answer is "YES." But, it cannot be solved with lies. I have said this many, many, many, times over the years, and I'm saying it again. We have let our children believe lies in schools and on television for so long, that when the truth became easy to look up on line, and they get truth, it is causing a rebellious response to the lies. Lets be more specific, and call a spade a spade. Politicians have many  families up in arms about what's being taught in schools. These families don't want truth taught, they want the same lies, that have been taught for centuries to still be taught. The politician are even saying that any family can have the curriculums changed if they believe the teachers are not teaching the truth. (they call it "things that make their kids feel inferior" But they care nothing about the lies that make many kid and their families feel inferior. Slavery happen, and Blacks were treated like unwanted animals; beaten, hung, maimed, and worse. So let the truth about slavery be known. Over the years Black invented 95% of the things that made America great; then and now; so let the truth be known. Under harsh segregation, Blacks were hung, maimed, ran off their land, and worse, without anything being done about it. So, let the truth be known. White gangs such as; the KKK, Proud boys, and all White Gangs are not referred to as such, but call angry citizens no pleased with the way things are going in America. But, any Black person that run afoul of the law, are in a gang or if there is two or more are call a gang. And now, in Georgia anyway; they are being prosecuted. While gangs, like the ones on January 6th in Washington, DC, are called supporter of what they believe to be a wrong committed against them. (I say to the DA in Atlanta, The gangs that trying to destroy the country, it power grids, and killing people of color, why not prosecute them; or are you like them hoping to get as many Blacks in jail as possible, because you can't hang them legally)  Ladies and gentlemen with truth so readily available and students reading it every day, why do you thing teaching them a lie will make them feel better? Lying only frustrate them to the point of striking out at the one telling the lie. And, it's affecting White kids more than Blacks, because when a white kid is told the lie, that he or she is superior, and deserve the best, then goes out and find out that they are not what they have been taught, they become violent and start shooting at the people, taking drugs, and other evil habits because they think are responsible for the way they are: miserable and weak. Black kids are striking out because they know the truth and refusing to accept a lie.
So, to stop the violence; tell the truth, teach it from kindergarten to graduate school. When truth is taught; the whole world will be better off. 

   I once thought that parents were not raising their kids properly; but that's not the case. Kids have computers, phones and can text, go on line and hear, read, play harmful games, chat with people like the KKK and proud boys, and other idiots that knows only hate, and pick up on what they are being told. And since young minds are so easily programmed they get caught up in what the idiots are saying. So, it's not that they are being taught wrong by the parents they are being programmed by idiots. Truth is the way to go people, lies only begat lies; like violence beget violence. Guns, knifes and clubs are being used in our societies because lies are the driving force. Stop the lies; stop the violence.


  Thanks for stopping by; by the help of God I'll see you next week.

Your brother is Christ; Joseph Haugabrook

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