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   When You Walk Through A Storm, Hold Your Head Up High And Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark.


When I was a younger man I loved that song; because it gave me courage to face whatever I was facing. If you pay close attention to what it means; it will take you back to God creating man. We are made in the image and likeness of God. God tells us we were made a little lower than the Angels, but in His image and likeness. Think of what that mean; the image and likeness of God. It mean we representing God on the earth; (or should be). We have tremendous power through Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior. The most unused power we possess is: LOVE. We know that God Love everyone, so He built in us the power to love everyone on earth. We can do it because we were made in the image and likeness of God. God want us to Love; He expect us to love; because God knows what's built in us. We have no excuse to Hate; because it stupid, ignorance, evil, and crazy; and God did not build that into us. Hate, beside being ignorant, is an evil conger up by the devil and given to mankind, and we don't have sense enough to know it. We look at Eve and ask: why did she do it. I say look at self; why are you doing the devil's bidding. Maybe, if you stopped long enough and paid attention to what you are doing to self and others; you wouldn't ask the question, and you'd know you are doing the devil's work.

   So, whether you like this song or not; don't be afraid of anything but God. Fear God; because He it is that can kill both the body and soul. But, He is also the one that can cure all of your ills.    


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