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     Well, 2021 is upon us, and it began with a BANG. But I won't go into all of that; you and everyone knows what happen at the Capital. I want to talk about healing. Yes, there must be punishment for their sins; and the FBI and other Law Enforcement Agencies, are rounding up those responsible; although I firmly believe everyone that was there share the same blame. But again we must think about healing; and we can only do that by looking ahead. I say to everyone lets think about what's good for us and the Country. What is the best way forward for us all. I have a few things but I'm sure you have too. Number one, lets talk to our elected official about stopping all efforts to suppress people of color voting. Make it easy for everyone, not harder. No one group have the right to win all elections, unless the people elect them in a fair election where every one votes without hardship. Second, lets reform the Court Systems, so that the laws are applied fairly to everyone that break the law. Take away the latitude Judges have in deciding what punishment will be handing out in sentences. For any given crime; the same punishment should be applied no matter the person. Example; when the law makers passes a law for drunk driving; or domestic violence; everyone coming before a judge will be judge according to the law; not to the discretion of the judge. Change the police departments to one of protecting all people, not shooting Blacks because of their prejudices toward them, and protecting Whites, because of their opinion of them. Take away the military gear from police department. No police department should be equipped with military equipment when dealing with any situation; but especially dealing with Blacks. No policeman or policewoman, should be on the force if they feel Blacks are worse than Whites, and therefore should be treated differently. Stop citizens from carrying guns in the streets. No one need a gun to walk the streets; it only encourage violence not stop it. And lets have real gun control, where assault rifles are left with the military. Stop the sale of any such weapons to any citizens.

     We can start writing our elected official and get real change. We elected these people, so they work for us, and we should let them know it. It's time out for them getting in office and forgetting about us, who elected them to make laws that benefit the whole community, not just as few, and certainly not them. If they don't, we vote them out and put in someone who will. We have the power, because it's the vote that count. So, I say to you all, lets start the letters flying, and vote according to how well your representative work for you.     


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