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 It's The Truth

 I don't know about you, but I think this race thing can be solved a lot easier than we may think. All it take is TRUTH. That is, starting with self; be truthful about about everything we do, say, or think. Nothing false in anyway. We cannot let race, color, or anything cloud our thinking, responses and actions; we must be truthful and not get angry when told the truth. We must let everything be a learning or enlighten experience. Lets look at one example: Blond, blue eyed person. Now we know that those are recessive traits; yet we are taught to believe that those of traits to be desired. Hitler tried to build a whole race of people containing those traits. Thomas Jefferson (President) talked of the same thing with the help of Congress and some citizens that wanted to push, establishing those traits as positive, having kids with just those traits. One man in New Your convinced a member of congress who was the secretary of immigration at the time, to stop people, whom they felt was below Whites in America, from coming here. If you were not Blond, blue eyed, and White you couldn't come to America, they called them "undesirables." But that is just one example, and it's true, we still believe that those traits are the best in a human being. But let's just take a peek at all the fields of greatness in America. In every one, except finance, you will find that Black men and women, are first and stand taller than anyone else in whatever endeavor you choose. I don't have to spell them out, just pick one and see who was first to do, perform, invent, or whatever it took to be first. If you want to say, they had nothing to do with the constitution; oh yes they did; because the constitution is not an original document, it is part of many laws that was tried and proven from the Africans, Indians and other places. So, included in the constitution are documents from Africa and Indians. So Africans did play a big part in the constitution. Black or Indians may not have signed the constitution, but those that did signed documents that was created and proven by Blacks and Indians. What I want you to see is; truth is the only way to cure the ills of racism. As long as a lie is in the mix there will never be peace among people of color and whites. We call it bias, racism, hatred and other names, but the fact is, it's all lies that make one person think they are better, braver, the only one that can do something, the only one that's strong and healthy enough to do things; when the truth is men and women of color can do the same thing if the lie didn't prevent them from doing it. And be frank; it's the white man's lies that prevent people of color from doing things. Whites went to the moon, not because they were the only ones that could do it, but because they prevented people of color from doing it. By the way; A Black woman showed them the way. Whites love to say "I gave them that" meaning anything people of color gained through suffering, and laws. As long as people have to come to the white man for fairness, they can smile and say, "I did it but I didn't have to." What I want you to see is everything that happens between people of color and whites; all the evil that exist between them are lies, fabricated and perpetuated by whites. If the lies go, so will all form of racism. If we would just look at truth and let it sink in and become a part of our thinking, actions and reactions we will get rid or racism. It doesn't take laws or anything else, except truth, to end racism and have permanent  peace among people. Of course along with truth, drop the word "RACE" because it doesn't apply to people, only sports.




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