Understanding Cultures Through Media Contact


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These are peaceful sights; peaceful and serene.

This is what brotherhood looks like; when all men becomes brothers and treat each other with love and respect.

This world didn't just appear out of nowhere with some big bang. And yes; many tries to legitimize the theory, but the truth is; this world was made by The Living God, and an order was set in motion from the beginning, and that order will not change no matter what some believe, say and do. And one of the things set in motion was love for our fellow man. That will never change, because the same God that made the world and all that's in it, set in order love for one another.

 Ladies and gentlemen this is a big world, with many wonder things to see. It can be a peaceful world if we just make an effort to be a brother with all that we interact with daily and through out our lifetime. Think how great it would be if everybody would see each other as a good friend instead of an enemy. If nations and the people comprising them would see other nations as their sisters and brothers instead of the enemy. Look at little children; they sees every other child as a possible play mate; and will be good friends unless some adult make them change their minds; filling their little minds with adult garbage. But kids are like the scenes; peaceful and serene; the way we can be if we forget the garbage and return to the way God made us. Think about it; you look and turn your head if the person you are looking at is not the same color as you. We are all sisters and brothers on this earth. And no matter how we wish it was different, or try to make it different; we can't change it. Many build up in their minds that they are different, by reason of color or hair texture, but look at everything you use to sustain life and be happy; things are different; it's the way the world is. God made us and the world different so we would be bored with all looking alike; and not liking the same thing. God made us so we would be happy with each other. What if everybody liked the same car, food, drink; and what if all the scenes in the world were the same; or all the fish, birds flowers were the same; and the list goes on. It would be a boring world. But, because of pretense, we find ourselves separated and miserable; hating and being hated; and why? All because we want to be what God didn't put in us. We are men and women; loving difference; the way God made us.

Whether we pretend, lie, or commit evil acts, the facts will not change; we are sisters and brothers, and we will never know peace until we stop pretending and live the way God intended for us to live; as sisters and brothers. So, whether we have pigment in our skin are not; one thing we can say for sure; God made us to love one another; and it's time we start living it.


Thanks for stopping by; by the help of God I'll see you next week.

Your brother is Christ; Joseph Haugabrook