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 By His Works; You Will Know Him.


        I love America, and it sadden me to see it in such bad shape. And let's be frank, America have a lot to give account for, because there is a God, and God let no evil go unpunished. We know, there is a punishment for every sin, and there are punishments for the sins America have committed. And whether the punishments are coming now, I don't know, but I do know we are in bad shape right now. We have been, and still are in the worse sickness this country have ever known. We have crime waves that sweeping the country, we have wild fires, extremely hot weather, floods, storms, drought, extreme divisions among citizens, voter depression, lies being spread by a mad man, and his followers, an economy that racing out of control; our news medias are reporting all bad news; instead of telling of the good, they are all fighting to be the first to spread bad news.  Whole industries being controlled by foreign companies, and plants putting out foods not fit to eat, and the list goes on. All of this is happening at the same time. And yet with all it's problem, I still love America and pray for it's deliverance. As I said, I know America have to pay for it's sins, but I am praying that God will be merciful. I'm not praying that America walk away free from it's sins, just that God will be merciful and save it. But, we have to do the works of God if we want God to be merciful. We have to stop believing lies and acting on them, as if they were truth. We have in our midst; a man, Donald Trump, that's spreading lies like Satan. I know he's not Satan, but he is one of Satan's top angels. You ask, how do I know? Well, anyone that does nothing but lie, has no conscience, and Donald Trump actions and reactions shows he's nothing but a liar and care for no one but self. That is Satan exactly; caring only for his works. That's why we must not believe him and shun him at every turn. We have to stop our news medias from making a big thing out of Satan's work. We have to stop Trump from spreading lies and division. We do that by ignoring what he's saying and not showing up at his rallies; after all, his rallies are only fund raisers for him. Trump is broke, and his rallies are keeping him in money. stop giving him money and see how fast he disappear. His follows have become his dairy farm, and he's milking them dry.

    But enough said about Trump; we have to work hard to get our country back to a point where it will be good for all. We have to pray, be kind to all, help one another; and treat everyone as a brother or sister. Unity is the way to get our country back on track; and it's a must, if we are to survive. I leave this with you; pray for all people; do good for all people, and never follow lies. We can be saved, but only if we change the course we are following now.    


Click here and see some of the Black People that owned Slaves. These are not just family member; but slaves. I want you to know the truth when you think about slavery. The list will change weekly. Click here.  




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Our inventions and ingenuity built America; let's reclaim what's our and unite the country.