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                                      The time for fighting is over

Ladies and gentlemen the time to unite America has arrived. Forget who's being called President of the United States. It's in name only. Donald Trump may occupy the Office; but he doesn't run the country. The nation power is invested in the people...all citizens of the United States; and the power is in your votes. There has never been a time that any elected official has put himself, or herself in office. Your votes did it. So, if your votes put them in, your votes can take them out. When these politicians learn that the people, not them are in charge and can leave them in or send them packing, they will start looking at what's best for all rather than the few that lines their pockets. It's time to send Trump packing; along with old Mitch and Graham. These old feeble minded, over the hill, politicians have out served their time. So, stop paying any attention to anything the say and start making sure the Republican Party don't steal the votes as they have done in recent years. We can stop the fighting over trying to block people from coming to this country, and separating those that call it home. We are one nation, and it's time we put an end to the idiotic notion that one person is better than another by reason of color. It was a lie when it started and it's an even bigger lie now. The least of those entering the country are a lot smarter than Trump and all his followers; especially Graham and Mitch. Come on people; Let's be real Americans; welcome the immigrants, and we all work together for the good of the nation.  



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Our inventions and ingenuity built America; let's reclaim what's our and unite the country.