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  February; Black History Month


 I know everyone have their own opinion on this; but, I'll be glad when it's over. Now, it may seem I'm bitter; and I am, because so many people think they are giving Black People something, when the truth is, Black people have given the United States everything that it claim now, and in the past; even the first Black President; John Hanson, who save the Union when the American Revolution was over. Yes, George Washington was the first president under the Constitution, but George Washington voted for John Hanson when he became president. Black people have been out front in wars, and at home, since the beginning of America. We are first in inventions; we are the first to be a double agent in the Revolution, providing valuable information to George Washington, against the British...the first in every good thing that happen to America. Black people were the first to invent all the farm machinery used in farming back then and today. I've said it before and I'm saying it now; there can be no electronics without black inventions; there can be no flying machines without Black inventions, and there can be no "Great America: without Black Inventions. Every country around the world, relies heavily on Black inventions for making their lives better. Africa was the first in the world to build Universities and all nations flowed into them to get their educations. There are a lot more; but I just needed to explain the cause for my bitterness. After all these years of giving, we are still fighting for the least of what America have to offer. And we have an idiot like Trump, who think he can take America back to severe segregation days and take away what little we have gained. Well, Trump, that will never happen. Of course, you are only worried about the money it could bring you. You have found yourself a dairy and you  are milking the cows you got into your barns dry. Although you are getting your milk, because your cows are hoping you can bring about the lies you feed them; that is, take the whole country back to the ole days. I know you are crazy, and blinded by money; but with all that, You will never succeed in making your lies reality.        

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Your brother is Christ; Joseph Haugabrook


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