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  These Are; "The United States Of America."


I listened this morning; to a Republican talk about what they did when they were in the majority in the House and Senate, and the only thing she could talk about was: Our borders were safer when we had both houses. Nothing about anything else but the borders. Now I'm no great one for letting everybody in the country; but what about all the other immigrants from the European Countries that immigrate here. Nothing is said about them, only people from South America and Black Countries. As Donald Trump calls them S...H... Countries. These same Republicans are willing to drain these Countries dry of their resources, but not willing to let one come here. Well, we are a country of immigrants, so stop knocking others from doing what you did earlier. And stop lying about the borders, and start talking about what's good for men and women in this country. Stop telling a woman what she can and cannot do with her body. stop lying and using people as pones for political gain. These are human beings, with feelings and needs, and you are a scum bag for doing it.

  It's time for decent people in this country to stand up and stop these liars from gaining offices and doing more harm. We have the power to stop these lies and stop the practice of using poor people as if they don't matter in this world. We need to treat these people the way we would want to be treated. You wouldn't want to be hungry, with a hungry child and be treated like trash, just dumped in some area with nothing, but the lie someone told to get you there. This is a shame; and it reflect on all of us. I say, vote these dirty Republicans out of office, and let Democrats do the decent thing about these people. It's time we had a country that cares for all people, not just one kind. It's time to become the: United States of America, where all people are free, and that means no one is denied the right to control their own body, be free from gun violence, and have a system that welcome all comers. It's time we stopped listen to Republicans trying to scare people into voting for them; and look at what's being done to help everybody right now, by the Democrats. I don't hate Republicans, I just hate the lies and their do nothing ways. They do nothing for anybody except the rich; because they are expecting a hand under the table with money in it. The Republicans are about money for themselves, and those that give it to them. And you that give a few hundred dollars, stop believing you are going to get anything back; they will treat you like dirt, once they are in office. What have they done for you so far; except rile you up against those that are helping making things better for you. Stop being so ignorant. Vote for what's good for you and the country. And stop thinking you were the ones that built this country; you are not. Immigrants, all of us, built this country into what it is today. And one more thing; you are an Immigrant!  



  Thanks for stopping by; by the help of God I'll see you next week.

Your brother is Christ; Joseph Haugabrook

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